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CB Song

Written by J.D. Wilkes

Key:  E7 More
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Intro and Riff 1 e|------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------------------------| D|---2--0--2-----2-0-0-0-2-----2--0--2----2--0-0-0-2----| A|------------------------------------------------------| E|-0-----------0-------------0----------0---------------| Riff 2 e|------------------------| B|------------------------| G|---2--0--2----2-0-0-0-2-| D|------------------------| A|-0----------0-----------| E|------------------------| E7 A7 B7 C7 e|-0----3-----2-----0-| B|-3----2-----0-----1-| G|-1----2-----2-----3-| D|-2----2-----1-----2-| A|-2----0-----2-----3-| E|-0----0-----0-----0-|
(E7)I said little honey bunny tell me whats your 20?(Riff 1) (E7)I got my rabbit ears on and I want to get chummy chummy.(Riff 1) (A7)Your a speed freakin demon blow my back doors off.LOrd(Riff 2) (E7)But if you ain't gettin on then I ain't gettin off.(Riff 1) (B7)Well I got a 10-4,10-8 and(A7) I got the 10-36 (E7)I'd love to stick around and get my miniskirt kicks. (E7)Then come on come on turn the stereo on. (E7)I've got the hammer down lane steppin all alone (A7)You'll pass a steady row of buddies from the guitar town. (E7)Raise hell on wheels,Knock the stacks right out. (B7)Well come on pretty baby why (A7)don't you put em on? (E7)Your diesel driving daddy's gonna get real gone. (E7)Well my CB sweetie just put her big ears on. (E7)A rattle trap waffle who had it on. (A7)The boys are still smokin with the next ray gun (E7)Now she's in my bottle topper all ready to run. (B7)She's my little lot lizzard but(A7) she don't shed her skin. (E7)She just skins the cat when my big rigger rolls in. Not sure on all the words but chords and riffs should be pretty close. PS: The Geico song on their commercial

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