Leftover Salmon

Blue Kentucky Sky Chords

Leftover Salmon

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tercmoraes

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Blue Kentucky Sky

  		Leftover Salmon - Blue Kentucky Sky 

G     C     G 
Somebody asked me if I'd been to old Kentucky 
G    D 
If I'd seen the green hills in the early morning light 
G     C     G 
I just laughed and smiled, said you know that I've been lucky 
G     D     G 
I've got visions of Kentucky, in every corner of my mind. 

I fust saw Kentucky when I was seventeen 
And I hitchhiked out of Pittsburg chasing bluegrass dreams 
I went to my first festival and drank a little shine 
Watching Bill Monroe sing the Walls of Time 

Em G And them green Kentucky hills Bm Em Rollin to the sky G Em Ripplin waters flowin G D Under that Moonshine C G Been around the World G Em But I've never rest my eyes C G On a place as sweet as home D G Under Blue Kentucky Skies C G On a place as sweet as home D G Under Blue Kentucky Sky
Well I've lived a life I've been up and I've been down I have lived on porches and slept out on the ground Well I've hung around mansions and all that I've found That there's nothing ike a cabin in that Old Kentucky ground Chorus Jam (verse and Chorus) Well I go back to Kentucky just to play this old guitar That's how I make my livin now, singing in these bars But no matter how far I travel these days, no matter how far I've got visions of Kentucky shining like a star Chorus

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