Lift Your Eyes


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Lift Your Eyes

	  		Intro: A E F#m 

A                    E                  F#m      B 
You can look in your head and find no answer 
A                   E                F#m 
You can look in your heart and find no hope 
And you can crawl on the ocean floor 
Searching for the silver pearl 
A                      E                      F#m 
But you won't find the treasure in this world 

You can lift your eyes 
A                         F#m 
Come on to the cross 
E         F#m            A      B 
There is healing for all who come 

A                  E                          F#m    B 
You can look at the stars and make no sense of it 
(Staring at the sky) 
A                   E                         F#m 
You can search your soul and find no light 
Until you look in the Savior's eyes 
And then you finally realize 
A            E                    F#m 
The saving sacrifice is love divine 

Come on and lift your eyes 

A9                          B 
Lift your eyes, come to the cross 
A9                        B 
Come one, come all 

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