Lee Roy Parnell

If The House Is Rockin'

Lee Roy Parnell

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If The House Is Rockin'

Hey, Hey, Hold It Down, Hold It Down 
Hello Baby, I'm Glad You Called 
We got a party goin' on and it's a free-for-all 
I can't quite hear you the music's so loud  
Just drive this way 'till you see the crowd 
The Car's Will Be Parked All Up In The Yard  
The Door Bell's Whoozy So Knock Real Hard  
No, On Second Thought  
       A                 E 
If The House Is Rockin', Don't Bother Knocking 
If The House Is Rockin', Don't Bother Knocking 
Just Step Right In, And Let The Fun Begin 
We've Got Havelina Sausage And Crawfish Stew  
Tennessee Whiskey And Texas Bar-B-Que  
Pretty Little Girls That Know How To Dance  
Do The Alligator In The Leopard Skin Pants  
Tell Everyone We're Gettin' Down Tonight  
And The Only Invitation Is The Party Lights  
Well It Started Out As Uncle Buddy's Birthday Bash  
Then The Angles Stopped By And Decided To Crash  
They Meet Buck And Friendly Having A Ball  
Racin' Their Harleys Up And Down The Hall  
Teachin' Everyone The Way To Have Fun  
Singing "Born To Be Wild" At The Top Of Their Lungs  
Piano Solo  
Guitar Solo 
Old Man Came Down From Across The Street  
"Say Y'all Gotta Turn Down, We Can't Get No Sleep"  
We Found A Big Banner Record And We Started To Groove  
Had A Few Drinks And He Was In The Mood  
Wife Came To The Door, Pounding And A'Yelling  
The Old Man Smiled, He Said "Shut Up Helen"  

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