Lee Ritenour

River Man

Lee Ritenour

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River Man

Cm9                   Bbmadd4 
Betty came by on her way 
Said she had a word to say 
'Bout things today and the falling leaves 
Cm9                         Bbmadd4 
Said she hadn't heard the news 
Hadn't had the time to choose 
A way to lose what she believes 

Gonna see the riverman 
Gonna tell him all I can 
About the plan for my return 
If he tells me all he knows 
'Bout the way his river flows 
And all night shows in summertime 

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Solo: e|------------------------------------------------------| B|11b13--13b11----8-9-8---------------------------------| G|---------------------8--8-9-8------10b12-12b10-8--8b9-| D|----------------------10-----10-----------------10----| A|------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------| e|------------11b13b11-13b15--11-13-15-13-11-----11b12---| B|---8-/13-11-------------------------------13-11-----13-| G|--8----------------------------------------------------| D|10-----------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------| e|--------------------------| B|-----------15b18b20-------| G|12b15b17------------------| D|--------------------------| A|--------------------------| E|--------------------------|
Betty said she prayed today For the sky to blow away Or maybe stay, she wasn't sure For when she thought of summer end Calling for her mind again She lost the pain, and stayed for more Gonna see the riverman Gonna tell him all I can About the ban on feeling free If he tells me all he knows 'Bout the way his river flows I don't suppose there's one for me

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