League Of Legends

Daylight's End (diana's Login Theme)

League Of Legends

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Daylight's End (diana's Login Theme)

Am           C      D    G       Am 
Ask not the sun   wh-y-y-y she sets 
C        D           G      Am 
Why she shrouds her light away 
F          Am          C       D 
Or why she hides her glowing gaze 
      Am                           D 
When night turns crimson gold to grey 

Am           D         F       Am 
 For silent falls the guilty sun    
           C         Em 
As day to dark does turn 
Am           D        F          Am 
One simple truth she dare not speak: 
     C        Am              D 
Her light can only blind and burn 

Am                D 
No mercy for the guilty 
      C                 F 
Bring down their lying sun 
Am        D      C 
Blood so silver black by night 
C                 Am    D 
Upon their faces pale white 

D                     Am 
Cruel moon, bring the   end 
   F         Am   C     G 
The dawn will never rise again 

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