Larry Hampton

hail to the king

Larry Hampton

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hail to the king

	  		            G                                Em  
You came to us a man, in very nature God 
   C                        Am           
Pierced for our iniquities, 
               Dsus                     D 
As You hung upon the cross, 
          G                         Em 
But God exalted You to the highest place 
And gave to You the right to bear, 
     Dsus Am               D Dsus D} 
The name above all names 
          C                     Dsus D                   Em Em/D 
That at the name of Jesus we should bow 
          C                         Cm/Eb                      Em 
And every tongue confess that You are Lord 
             C                            Dsus D 
And when You come in glory 
               Em    D   C                  Dsus D 
For the world to see, we will sing 
       G                C        
   Hail to the King  
        Am          Am/G             D 
   In all His splendor and majesty 
      Em D G/B  C            Am 
   Hail to the King of Kings, 
     G/B    C        D     G 
   Lord Jesus, our God 
We eagerly await the coming of the day 
When the glory of the risen King 
Will shine upon the earth 
Then rival thrones will fall 
Before the Lord of all 
And hail supreme authority 
In the true of living God 
At the name of Jesus we will bow 
As every tongue confesses You as Lord 
When You come in glory for the world to see 
We will sing. 

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