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Lara Landon

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Intro: Bb Dm Eb Bb Cm 

Bb Dm 
Spent so many years on the verge of giving up 
Eb Cm 
wondering if the steps I took would ever lead me far enough 
Bb Dm 
but Hes helped me to realize, Im further than I once was 
Eb Bb Cm 
I just keep saying out loud 

Bb Dm Im getting closer, closer to you Lord Eb Cm I havent seen you, but I know I know you more Cm Eb I keep on walking, still have miles to go Ab Eb but as I look back on my long and narrow road Cm Bb Im getting.... Closer
Ive been stumbling through the dark feeling my way around trying to be that light, that Ive heard so much about but though I see just dimly your light is always leading Ill follow all the way home Chorus: Bridge: Gm Bb Heaven help me you know I need it! Eb the hardest days, they move so slowly Gm Bb be my courage and my comfort Eb Gm and give me faith to see Eb Gm give me faith to see... ohhh Eb Gm give me faith to see... ohhhh Cm Bb Im getting.... Closer Cm I said I keep on walking Eb Still have miles to go Ab Eb but as I look back on my long and narrow road Cm Bb Im getting.... Closer Dm and Closer... ohhh.... Closer

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