Lara Fabian

To Love Again

Lara Fabian

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To Love Again

Dm           C          Bb                  Asus4     A 
Every night, Every day, I tell my heart, To forget you and to 
Dm          C             Bb          A4 A 
Move away, Not to break, Anymore, But oh, no matter 
F           C/E                  Dm 
What I say You're so deep in my mind  
            C                  Bb       Asus4 A    
There's no way to leave this love behind 
Dm             C             Bb              Asus4    A     
It used to be, I believed, I could go on And find someone to 
Dm          C 
Rest upon (Anyone, anyone) 
Bb                  Asus4   A 
Soon I found, There was no other 
F              C/E                Dm 
There you are Framed against the sky 
            C           Bb 
You are my life And I pray for when  
           Asus4 A      Dm  
You will be mine,  To love again 
   Dm           C                 Bb  
I see the rain, In the sky, And I see your face, 
               Asus4   A 
Through every tear that I cry 
     Dm                C            Bb 
With every breath, And every sound, I can hear,  
         Asus4 A 
Another voice and swear that 
F            C/E                  Dm 
You're around, And every word is clear, 
                  C            Bb 
Cause I know the memory won't let go 
              Asus4 A      Dm    
Until you're mine,    To love again 
C#º Dm Who's to say wath lives in the past D/F# Gm Who's to say that love won't last C Time's been standing still F Waiting so patiently until Bb Until that one day when Gm A When I will have you Dm Dm To love again, love again
Solo: Dm C Bb A 4x
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E|-------------------------------------------------------------- B|-----------------8--10-10~~---10p8---------------------------- G|--------7--9-10--------------------10-9~--10------------------ D|-7--10---------------------------------------10~~--12--7~~---- A|-------------------------------------------------------------- E|-------------------------------------------------------------- E|---------------------------------------8-----8-10---10p8-----8--10-10----- B|----------------------8----8-10--8-10-----10-------------10--------------- G|--------7-9-10--9h10----10------------------------------------------------ D|-7--10-------------------------------------------------------------------- A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|-----------8-----10--12-13---13-12-10------10------10-----13---13-12-10------------ B|----10--------10-----------------------13-------10----10----------------13--15----- G|-7-----10-------------------------------------------------------------------------- D|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|-------13-----13--15----15-17^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-13-12-10----1210--------------------------- B|-10/13----13---------13--------------------------------13--------13--10--108------------- G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------10-9---10-- D|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
F C/E Dm And there you are, Framed against the sky C Bb You are my life, And pray for when Asus4 A Dm Dm Dm You will be mine, To love again..... Love again! ___________________________________________________________ Contribuição: Flavio Mendes Soares([email protected])

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