Langhorne Slim


Langhorne Slim

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Intro: G    B7    C    G 

     G                  B7 
This life goes on since you've left me 
    C                   G 
But lord, it don't need to 
             G                              B7 
And I'm just thinking about you gal as you forget me 
    C            G 
You were my only truth 
                  C                        G 
And I'm wondering how I could have been so taken 
              C                           G 
Mistakin' our love for blood, seems I was fakin' 
                     C                   G 
A man's heart is his own and only he can break it 
                   C                     G 
I'd start all over alone if only I could take it 

Solo: G    B7    C    G 

    G                      B7 
Now time takes its time to pass on by me 
          C                       G 
You won't find me in no places of old 
      G                              B7 
In my mind gonna rewind the times of you smiling 
       C                            G 
Darling it's a crime you left me so cold 
                    C                          G 
And I can't trust myself with this hell I am accepting 
                 C                               G 
I stumbled and I fell still hoping you'd come protect me 
                 C                       G 
I tried to forget you that was just a reminder 
                              C                             G 
You've turned a world full of shit and made it a little bit kinder 

          C                     G 
So take my breath, God, take it away 
              C                      G 
But by taking hers now Lord what was saved? 
                    C                            G 
To think that it is you god that fools kneel and pray 
                     C                     G 
That I found my true love now she's buried away 

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