Lane Turner

Always Wanting More (breathless)

Lane Turner

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Always Wanting More (breathless)

Capo on 2nd fret
	  		I figured out the intro after I did the chords. 
You might want to learn it without capo to fit  
the intro better. Chords with and without capo  
are listed below. Drop-D is also an alternative  
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Intro (no capo!!): E C#m E e-------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------- G-------------------------------------------------- D-------2------------------------------------------ A--2-2s4-4-2---2-2s4--4-2-----2-2s4---2-4-2-------- E-----------2s4------------2s4-------------4-2-0---
D Bm D D Bm Breathless, you leave me breathless G Feeling wild and reckless D Never knowing what?s in store. D Bm Crazy, you leave me crazy G And nothing can save me D When you walk out that door Em F#m G D Oh, you leave me always wanting more. Chorus: Bm D You take me where I?ve never been Bm D It?s heaven and it?s hell again Bm D Am G The only thing I?ll ever know for sure Em F#m G D Oh, you leave me always wanting more. Questions, you leave me with questions And constantly guessing An obsession and so insecure Love me, and oh, how you love me And the way that it does me Is like an addiction without any cure. Oh, you leave me always wanting more. Chorus Instrumental: D - Bm - D (2x) Searching, you leave me searching And Baby I?m hurting Cause I?m not what you?re looking for Oh you leave me always wanting more. You?re gonna leave me always wanting more.

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