La La Land

Cantando Estações

La La Land

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Cantando Estações

C                           F/C     C 
You got the invitation...   you got the right address 
C                                    F/C      C 
You need some medication...   the answer's always yes 

Dm                            Em       Dm                   C 
A little chance encounter could be the one you've waited for 
Just squeeze a bit more 

C                     F/C      C 
...Tonight we're on a mission... tonight's the casting call 
C                        F/C     C 
...If this is the real audition... oh, God, help us all 

Dm                      Em       Dm 
...You make the right impression... then everybody knows your 
Name... we're in the fast lane 

F G C A7 Someone in the crowd could be the one you need to know F G C A7 The one to finally lift you off the ground F G C A7 Someone in the crowd could take you where you want to go F G Am If you're the someone ready to be found
Am F Do what you need to do, til' they discover you G C E And make them more than you, you're seeing now Am F So make the stars align, I think I'll stay behind G You've got to go and find... (that someone in the crowd)
F G C A7 Is someone in the crowd the only thing you really see? F G C A7 Watching while the world keeps spinning 'round F G C A7 Somewhere there's a place where I find who I'm gonna be F G Am A somewhere that's just waiting to be found
Instrumental: F G C Am F G Am F G C Am Bm E A
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F G E|-----------------------|-----------------------| B|---------------0--1----|----0--0--0----1--3----| G|----2--2--2----2--2----|----0--0--0----0--0----| D|----3--3--3----3--3----|----0--0--0----0--0----| A|----3--3--3------------|-----------------------| E|----1--1--1----1--1----|----3--3--3----3--3----| C Am E|----0--0--0----3--0----|---------------0-------| B|----1--1--1----1--1----|----1--1--1----1--1----| G|----0--0--0----0--0----|----2--2--2----2--2----| D|----2--2--2----2--2----|----2--2--2----2--2----| A|----3------------------|----0--0--0-------0----| E|-----------------------|-----------------------| Bm E E|---------------2-------|-----------------------| B|----3--3--3----3--3----|----0--0--0----0--0----| G|----4--4--4----4--4----|----1--1--1----1--1----| D|----4--4--4----4--4----|----2--2--2----2--2----| A|----2--2--2-------2----|----2--2--2----2--2----| E|-----------------------|---(0)-----------------| A E|-----------------------| B|----2------------------| G|----2------------------| D|----2------------------| ...let that chord ring! A|----0------------------| E|-----------------------|
F G C A7 Someone in the crowd will be the one you need to know F G C A7 Someone who can lift you off the ground F G C A7 Someone in the crowd will take you where you want to go F G Someone in the crowd will make you F G Em A7 Someone in the crowd will take you, flying off the ground F G C If you're that someone ready... to... be... found

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