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Love Affair Chords

Kylie Minogue

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Love Affair

Introdução**: Bm Em (2X) 
** Se quiser que fique mais parecida bata as cordas na seguinte direção:
baixo, baixo, baixo, baixo-cima, cima-baixo-cima, cima-baixo 
Bm                        Em                 Bm 
  Here in the moment I belong, in a awaken dream 
                                Em                       Bm 
  The night is young but isn't long, if you know what I mean 
  Oh it's beautiful the thought of what might be 
  Bm                         Em 
  Close your eyes so you can see 
  I am only here for a little while 
  Would you like to take me out tonight 
  Bm                                     Em 
  Maybe we could talk for a little while baby 
Bm                       Em 
  Now we've only just begun, we're running out of time 
Bm                               Em 
  I don't wanna think about the sun, no not tonight 
Bm                   Em 
  Oh it's wonderful you being with me 
  Bm                          Em 
  Close your eyes, so you can see 
  Don't hold back it's time for a love affair 
  Take my hand and lead me to anywhere 
  Bm                                 Em 
  Maybe there's something in the air baby 
           Bm                         Em   
  Together here, together now in the moment that we meet 
           Bm                          Em          F#m 
  Remember here, remember now it's too easy to forget 
Bm                   Em   
  Oh it's wonderful you being here with me 
  Bm                         Em 
  Close your eyes so you can see 
Contribuição: Rodrigo Coelho Oliveira([email protected]) 

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