Kristian Bush

Make Another Memory

Kristian Bush

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Make Another Memory

Capo on 2nd fret

Em D C G (x2) 

       Em   D       C    G 
If you lean in I'll lean back 
Em       D              C          G 
Don't be scared of love going this fast 
Em            D        C       G 
'Cause every- day with you's a dream 
      Em         D          C          G 
And I always re- member the whole damn thing 

Em G C G Hey ba- by, let the world go 'round Em G C G You can spin it on your finger I'll slow it down Em G C G Count the stars a- bove till we fall a- sleep Em G C G Then wake up and make another memory
Solo Em baby D C G Em D C G Em D C G Well, you laugh and I smile Em D C G And time stands still for a just little while Em D C G And in the moments in be- tween Em D C G I fall into you and you fall onto me Repeat Chorus Solo Em D C G C G Well, if you throw a spark I'll blow on the flame D G If you, you need a storm I'll bring on the rain C Em We're like two hearts on a runway running D C With our arms out to the wind Solo Em D Yea, C yea, G yeahEm D C G Em D C G Em D C G Repeat Chorus x2 Em D C G Em D C G Hey ba- by, hey ba- by Em D C G Em D C G Hay ba- by

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chords Kristian Bush - Make Another Memory
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