Yeshua El Yakar


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Yeshua El Yakar

	  		      Bm        A/C#  D 
Yeshua      El yakar 
        Bm             G          D 
Seh tamim, v?atuf hadar 
       Bm          A/C#   D 
Pe echad, korim l?cha 
          G      A/C#         D 
Immanuel, baruch ha?ba 

Yeshua, precious Lord 
Sinless lamb, clothed in splendor 
Together we call to you 
Immanuel, You are welcome here 

     G    D     A     
V?et einenu pkach 
     G     D    Bm 
V?et chayenu kach 
          G       A       D/F# 
Et kalatcha taher hayom 
           G  D  A        D 
Al kes libenu kach makom 

Open our eyes 
Take our lives 
Purify Your bride today 
Take Your place upon the throne of ours hearts 

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