Kitty Kallen

Star Eyes

Kitty Kallen

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Star Eyes

(Don Raye and Gene De Paul)

	  		Intro: A9 A A7M A6/9 A7M A6/9 A9 A A7M A6/9 A7M A6/9 

A9   A    D9           A6/9             A9    A     A7/9 
Star Eyes that's the way you make my eyes shine 
                A4/7    A7     A6/9  D9 
When those those lips of yours caress mine 
D       Dm7+     Dm6    A7M  F#m 
Just to have you by my side  
      Dm6   G6/9       E7 
Would leave  me starry-eyed 
A9   A    D9         A6/9           A9   A     A7/9 
Star Eyes  lonely eyes you put a dream in  
         A4/7  A7         A6/9  D9 
Eyes that  only you're supreme in 
Bm7      Bm5-/7      Dm6      A7M F#m 
Don't you know it's just for you  
      D      Dm6     A7M 
They sparkle as they do 


D9         Dm6   Em7   A7M A7M/9 
Though the stars aren't real  
  Am7       D7/F#            E7 
I know they show how much I care 
A7M     F#m     D9        A7M 
Tell me how it makes you feel 
   Dm6      Dm7+       E7 
To know you put them there 
 A9   A    D9         A6/9             A9    A     A7/9 
Star Eyes  when, if ever, will your heart know 
        A47     A7        A6/9  D9 
That it's you for whom these eyes glow 
Bm7      Bm5-/7      Dm6      A7M 
Makes no difference where you are 
Am7  Am7/9 Am7       Am7/9   A7M 
My eyes  will hold your wishing star 
G7  F#7 Bm7    Bm5-/7 Gdim  A7M 
So kiss me     and wish   on a star 

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