Kishi Bashi

Bittersweet Genesis For Him And Her

Kishi Bashi

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Bittersweet Genesis For Him And Her

verse 1 

G                        D 
In the beginning we were scrambled together 
             C                     G 
Mixed in a celestial bowl and hand fluffed with a feather 
        Em       D               C 
And the tears of bliss were not amiss 

    G              D 
The second day, we created the earth 
C                           G 
Tickled in irony as we made love upon it's girth 
           Em           D               C 
And to our delight, the sun gave us the stars 

    G                          D 
The creation of the moon was a miracle of light 
  C                                 G 
Descended from the rift in the dark star of night 
   Em           D                             C 
My veins pulsed butter as it illuminated your thighs 

       G                      D 
On the fourth day, we felt compelled to whistle 
    C                          G 
For how could we call the love birds to nestle 
            Em              D              C 
And keep us company in this world anew and fresh? 

C G Today I paint to life, a portrait of the sacred friend, the perfect wife Em D C In synesthesia C Together we have filled the world with colored wine G But the story nears the present time Em D C Of restlessness and wake up calls
verse 2 G Am Years have flown fast but then who's counting C G Em The wars have been won but there's few left standing between us D C And the shadows of Christmas past G Am Critically acclaimed but sadly underrated C G Fortune definitely favored us, but no one celebrated Em D C Our wits were splitting at their ends...
C We gazed upon the city lights G Em We each laughed aloud one final time and agreed: D C This is one thing we'll miss C And as we held our breath and forced our will G The minutes stopped, the air was still Em D C And minds began to unlearn their faulted ways
Bridge C We blasted through the hills! G They were the first to go, and the most painful so Because we made them first when we learned to bleed Em D With our fingers on the seeds that we sowed in the dirt C And then cried when we came in the glorious masterwork of life ending G And beginning again Em D We ignored the pleas of the forest and the seas C As we scorched the earth with our tears? Outro C We burned them in fear C Until there's nothing left C Nothing left C Nothing, nothing left G But us

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