Loved By You


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Loved By You

Intro: Dsus - D Dsus - D7 C 

verse 1 
D        (D) 
Bless my soul 
Bm              (Bm) 
I've been alone too long 
             G       (G) 
Somebody without someone 
Is no one at all 

     D         (D) 
Baby all these nights 
                   Bm        (Bm) 
I've struggled and fought my pride 
             G           (G) 
Scared that someone your type 
Couldn't see past my flaws 

F#m                Bm                   Em       A - G 
Cause I heard that heaven ain't easy to get to 
F#m          Bm                         C    A 
Closest I'll get might be right next to you, ooh 

D A - Bm So I gotta know, I gotta feel G A Dsus - D Dsus - D7 C How it feels to be loved by you D A - Bm I've gotta touch something real G A Dsus - D Dsus - D7 C Can I feel and be loved by you
verse 2 D (D) Bm (Bm) Jealousy is getting the best of me G (G) A Thinking about you asleep without me in tow D (D) Bm (Bm) And I have no peace, til you give me clarity G (G) Gm Yeah I need to hear and see if I matter at all Outro D I gotta feel it (D) A Bm (how it feels to be loved) G Gotta feel it (G) A (how it feels to be loved) D (D) I might not get another chance A - Bm Might slip outta my hands G A Dsus - D Dsus - D7 C How does it feel to be loved by you

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