Kip Moore

Crazy One More Time

Kip Moore

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Crazy One More Time

come on out mary jane 
im lookin through your window pane 
  G                                                 D 
i heard the word, your back in town 

       D                                                 F#m 
i've got some cheap cigarettes, your favorite beer 
girl wear the dress 
i always dreamed about 

we'll chase the moon, ride the stars 
find the muscle in this car 
  G                                                  D 
i know, you still got something left 

so come on out, take my hand 
feel my heart, girl understand 
   G                                                A 
I got a thunder pounding in my chest 

G D Bm A Heyyyyyy I, can't see you as nothin but mine G D Bm A D giiiirrrl tonight, lets go crazy one more time D We'll park the car climb on the hood F#m we'll turn it up when somethin good G D starts playing through these rusty doors
D in the sticky sweet inter night F#m i'll kiss you girl till i get it right G D cuz i know that'll lead to more D F#m the weeds of all grown around where i gently lay ya down G D and i try to tell ya how i feel D but you placed your finger on my mouth F#m whisper "baby no not now, G A the night is young and we still got time to steal" Chorus: Solo: Bm D G D Bm D G A D with the engine burnin through my jeans F#m i watch you fall fast asleep D D as the small town sky fade from black to blue D and i wipe a tear from my eye F#m but you'll never know G A cuz baby i'll smile as i wave goodbye to you
D F#m G well i guess i'll always have this longing in my heart D and you'll have a piece of me D but tonight theres a fire to start F#m G in our red burnin hot D see your all i'll ever need

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