Kid Rock

Born To Free

Kid Rock

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Born To Free

	  		Intro Riff: 

Fast, on a rough road riding 
High, through the mountains climbing 
twisting, turning further from my home. 
Young, like a new moon rising 
Fierce, through the rain and lightning 
A                                     E 
Wandering out into this great unknown. 
F#m                                   A 
And I don't want know one to cry, but tell em' 
If I don't survive ??? 

E I was born free! I was born free A E I was born free, Born Free.
E Free, like a river raging Strong, if the wind I'm facing. A Chasing dreams and racing fathered time. E Deep like the grandest canon, Wild like an untamed stallion. A E If you can't see my heart you must be blind. F#m You can knock me down and watch me bleed A But you can't keep no chains on me.
C#m D And I'm not good at long goodbyes but look down A Deep into my eyes. E I was born free!
E Calm facing danger Lost, like an unknown stranger A E Grateful for my time with no regrets. Close to my destination Tired, frail and aching A E Waitin patiently for the sun to set. F#m D And when its done believe that I will yell it from that mountain highhh! C#m D A And I will vow to the shining seas and celebrate God's Grace on me.

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