Kevin Morby

Aboard My Train

Kevin Morby

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Aboard My Train

verse 1 

E              A                E 
I once loved a boy so smart and true 
E                        A            E 
We would walk home every day from the school 
            A                      E 
He'd say, I think we could walk forever, Oh no 
A                       E 
How ?bout just a little while, O.K. 
A                               E 
He would make me laugh like the devil, Haha 
A                            B 
He would pick me up like the child that I was 

verse 2 
E              A                     E 
In my time I'd like to stay young forever 
E                 A                  E 
Like a tide, the crest beneath sunny weather 
A                            E 
May we fill these lungs with laughter (haha) 
    A                             E 
And may we shake these bones with style (watch me now) 
    A                           E 
And may we claim all that we're after (everything) 
    A                      E 
And may we do it wearing a smile 
    B       A                    E     A      E 
And may the breath we breathe be free 
        B        A              E    A      E 
And for you to remain a part of me 

Three, four 

E  A E 
A E  X3 

verse 3 
E                 A           E 
I have loved many faces, many places 
     E                    A                 E 
All aboard my train but depart at different stations 
    A                         E 
And some of them look the same 
    A                          E 
But none of them smell the same 
    A                             E 
And some of them will never change 
      A                               E 
While some of them are growing strange 
     A                           E 
And some of them are center stage 
      A                               E 
While some of them go and turn my page 
    A                       E 
And summer rain growing pain 
    A                          E 
And some are diseased with rage 
        A                              E 
Oh, but all of them are aboard my train 
    A                                E 
But all of them are a friend of mine 
    B      A                  E   A      E 
And oh, my darling, can't you see 
        B            A                 E        A      E 
Oh that babe, oh and you are a part of me 

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