Kev Russell's Junker

Twilight Of Song

Kev Russell's Junker

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Twilight Of Song

	  		Submitted by Gareth Davies ([email protected]) 
C#m   G#m        A       E                
Under yellow and sagging moons 
C#m    A           E    B  
In her homely blue gown 
C#m G#m      A       E 
Wavering and anxiously 
C#m         A            E      B 
She put the grass in the ground 
D      A          E 
All at once I was lonely 
F#                B  B7 
All at once I was blue 
D          A         E 
Couldn't imagine the hummers 
F#                B  B7 E F# 
All around them I stood 
E             A 
Shine fer the fences and 
E            A 
Weep fer the clusters and 
E        A            F# 
Drooping thine eyes upon 
E             A 
Riddum of the farmer and 
E           A 
Lips of the garrulous 
E      A           F# 
In the twilight of song 
      C#m          A 
There ain't no remedy 
      F#              E 
For a song come to an end 
        C#m           A 
There's nothing and nobody 
         F#                 D  A  E 
That can soothe her wounded hymn 
C#m      G#m     A     E 
Close of day, mosquito spray 
C#m         A             E      B     
I watched a bird blue and brown 
C#m G#m      A    E 
Warbling and wavering 
C#m         A            E      B 
She put the grass in her mouth 
      F#m          Bm   
La da da da, La da da da 

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