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Walk Softly Chords

Kentucky Headhunters

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by airheaded64

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Walk Softly

You say you're sorry once again dear 
		E		  A 
You want me to take you back once more 
    D			   A 
You say you need a helping hand dear 
     D		    E		   A 
But that's what you told me once before 
Walk softly on this heart of mine 
		E	     A 
Don't treat it mean and so unkind 
D			 A 
Let it rest in peace and quiet love 
     D	    E		     A 
Walk softly on this heart of mine      WALK ON! 
Solo:  Same chords as refrain 
I know someday you'll find a new love 
            E                   A 
I feel your heart has turned to stone 
    D                       A 
But please let me down real easy 
      D               E              A 
Cause lonliness moves in as you move on 
     D      E                A 
Walk softly on this heart of mine 
"	"	"	"	" 
Solo:  A  A  A  A 


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