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Footloose Chords

Kenny Loggins

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by dongregers

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Year: 1993 - Album: Collections

	  Bb (play it with capo in 1st) 

Intro: A  (A  D A)  x3 

A                                 D A                               D A                               D A 
 I been working so hard   keep punching my card   eight hours for what? 
                                  D                                                                         A 
oh, tell me what I got I got this feeling that time's just holding me down 
D                    D#dim                                      E  F# G G#  
 I'll hit the ceiling     or else I'll tear up this town             

tonight I gotta cut 

 A      D - A         D                                    A             
Loose, footloose kick off your Sunday shoes  
           D A         D                        A 
please, Louise pull me offa my knees  
         D - A      D                         A                  
jack get back C'mon before we crack  
         D  -  A     G               D           A 
lose your blues everybody cut footloose 

A                                 D A                          D A                                       D A 
 You're playing so cool   obeying every rule   dig way down in your heart 
                                             D                                                                                      A 
you're yearning burning for some somebody to tell you that life ain't passing your by 
D                             D#dim                                     E  F# G G#  
I'm trying to tell you     It will if you don't even try 

you can fly if you'd only cut 


Bb improv. 




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