Keke Palmer

Perfect Harmony Rags

Keke Palmer

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Perfect Harmony Rags

Capo on 2nd fret


verse 1 

D             A                  G            D  
When I first saw you didn't know what to think. 
D                  A             G            D 
But something about you was just so interesting. 
Bm        G          D          A 
I can see me and you being best friends. 
Bm                       G                   A 
The kind of friends that finish each other's sentences. 

D A When I can't think of the right words to say Bm G I just sing, "Oh oh oh. Oh oh oh." D A Come on and harmonize with my melody. Bm And we'll sing, "Oh oh oh." G Ain't it a Perfect Harmony?
verse 2 D A G D I would of never thought I'd be here with you. D A G D To start a friendship that is so brand new. Bm G D A It's so amazing, I have to say. Bm G A Never met someone that had so much in common with me.
D A Now I can look into your eyes all day Bm G and just say "Oh oh oh. Oh oh oh." D A I wanna harmonize with your melody. Bm And just sing, "Oh oh oh." G Ain't it a Perfect Harmony?

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