Keith Whitley

Ten Feet Away

Keith Whitley

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Ten Feet Away

	  		Intro: G | G-D-Dsus-C | x2   |D| 
G          Bm7    Em     Em7 
Alone at a corner table, 
        C           Bm7      G 
she was watching me watching her. 
      Bm7              C(3rd) 
I was sing'en about an old flame burning, 
        G             D     G    C9 
she was hanging on to every word. 
G             Bm7    Em       Em7 
I was pouring out my feelings, 
C               Bm7     G 
she was pouring out the wine. 
           Bm7                        C(3rd) 
Through the smoke and the beer,it was perfectly clear,  
     G                D           G 
that we were touching each others minds. 

G C D G It was love ten feet away. G Bm7 Imagine her in my arms, with that look on her face. Em C Lying somewhere in some shadowy place. G C D G It was love just ten feet away.
Guitar: G | G-D-Dsus-C | x2 |D| Vs.3 I just knew my clos'en song would do it, I knew that I was heaven bound. I could tell she was moved, but before I was through. This stranger walked up and set down. Vs.4 He was trying his best to impress her, But she never took her eyes off me. When he got up and left,I said to myself... Woh-o-woh what a night this will be. Chorus: x2 Outro: G | G-D-Dsus-C | x2 |D|

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