Keith Whitley

Somebody's Doin' Me Right

Keith Whitley

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Somebody's Doin' Me Right

	  		Tabbed by Kane Smith ([email protected]) 
Verse 1 
Runnin' around 
I've spent my whole life runnin' around 
Settlin' down 
I never dreamed I'd be settlin' down 
                        C   F 
But something's comin' over me 
                       Bb      F 
Woman, you have got a hold on me 
And the reason just might be 
You're so good to me 

F Somebody's doin' me right Dm Somebody's holdin' me tight Bb Sharin' my days and my nights C F Somebody I really like F Just took a hold of my hand Dm You make me feel like a man Bb There's been a change in my life C F Somebody's doin' me right
C F It's alright C F Oh girl it's alright Verse 2 Set in my ways Thinkin' that love would only get in my way But now I'm wantin' to stay I like this feelin' of wantin' to stay Really it's no mystery What brought all this change in me You're the one who made me see How love was meant to be Chorus 2 Solo Chorus 3 On the third chorus, step up a whole-step, replacing F Dm Bb C with G Em C D

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