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Don't Close Your Eyes Chords

Keith Whitley

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by Andy

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Don't Close Your Eyes

(Bob McDill)

	  Intro (the first part of it at least):          
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e+--------------0-- b+--------------1-- g+-----0--2--4--0-- d+--0-----------2-- a+--------------3-- E+-----------------
chords during intro: C D G Gsus G 1st verse: C D G G/F# Em I know you loved him a long time ago C D G Gsus G Even now in my arms you still want him I know C D G G/F# Em But darling this time let your memories die C D G Gsus G When you hold me tonight don't close your eyes
C D Don't close your eyes let it be me G G/F# Em Don't pretend it's him in some fantasy C D Darling just once let yesterday go G G/F# Em You'll find more love than you've ever known C D Just hold me tight when you love me tonight G Gsus G And don't close your eyes
2nd verse: Maybe I've been a fool holding on all this time Lying here in your arms knowing he's in your mind But I keep hoping someday that you'll see the light Let it be tonight, don't close your eyes (chorus twice) At the end of the chorus, when he gets to "eyes", you can play this instead of the G/Gsus/G: TAB>A+---3--2--2--0----- E+---------------3--

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