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Only You Can Love Me This Way Chords

Keith Urban

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by raider4life

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Only You Can Love Me This Way

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Intro: G D e|---------------------| B|--75-53-32-2p0-0--| G|--76-64-42-2p0-0--| D|---------------------| A|---------------------| E|---------------------|
G D Well I know there's a reason G D And I know there's a rhyme G D We were meant to be together Em Asus4 That's why---- G D We can roll with the punches G D We can stroll hand in hand G D And when I say it's forever Em Asus4 You understand---
G That you're always in my heart, D You're always on my mind G But when it all becomes too much, D You're never far behind Bm And there's no one that comes close to you F#m E Could ever take your place G (Intro) Cause only you can love me this way
G D I could have turned a different corner G D I could have gone another place G D Then I'd of never had this feeling Em Asus4 That I feel today, yeah.. (Chorus) Instrumental: A Bm (x3) A (Chorus) END

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