Keith And Kristyn Getty

May The Peoples Praise You

Keith And Kristyn Getty

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May The Peoples Praise You

Intro C 

verse 1 
You have called us out of darkest night 
  F9                C 
Into Your glorious light 
     F9               Am      G 
That we may sing the wonders of 
    F9     C 
The risen Christ 

verse 2 
May our every breath retell the grace 
     F9               C 
That broke into our strife 
        F9               Am       G 
With boundless love and deepest joy 
With endless life 

F9 Am G May the peoples praise You F9 C G Let the nations be glad F9/A G/B All Your blessing comes C C/E F9 That we may praise C/E G C May praise the Name of Jesus
Instrumental | C | G/B Am7 F9 | C | G/B Am7 F9 | verse 3 C All the earth is Yours and all within F9 C Each harvest is Your own F9 Am G And from Your hand we give to You F9 C To make Christ known verse 4 C May the seeds of mercy grow in us F9 C F9or those who have not heard F9 Am G May songs of praise build lives of grace F9 To spread Your Word Verse 5 C This our holy privilege to declare F9 C Your praises and Your name F9 Am G To every nation, tribe and tongue, F9 Your church proclaims Bridge F9 G C/E F9 Holy, holy is the Lord All mighty F9/A G/B C Dm7 Worthy, worthy is the Lamb Who was slain F9 G E/C F9 Holy, holy is the Lord All mighty F9/A G/B C F9 All creation praise Your glorious Name Ending | C | G/B Am7 F9 | C | G/B Am7 F9 |

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