Waikiki Chords


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by paulantunes

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F                 E7 
There's a feeling deep in my heart 
F              D7 
Stabbing at me just like a dart 
Gm            C7      F     C7 
It's a feeling heavenly 
F              E7 
I see memories out of the past 
F             D7  
Memories that always will last 
G7                    C7 
Of a place beside the sea 
F   F7  
  Bb                          Bbm 
At night when the shadows are falling 
F          Dm           G7 
I hear the rolling surf calling 
Gm7         C7         F 
Calling and calling to me 

F   F7  
  Bb                          Bbm 
Tis for you that my heart is yearning 
F          Dm           G7 
My thoughts are always returning 
Gm7         C7    F         E7 
Out there to you across the sea 
A                           Bm        E 
Your tropic nights and your wonderful charms 
A              Bm    E 
Are ever in my memory 
A                   Bm         E     
And I recall when I held in my arms 
Am                 Gm7    C7 
An angel sweet and heavenly 
F    F7  
  Bb                      Bbm 
My whole life is empty without you 
F           Dm           G7 
I miss that magic about you 
Gm7     C7         F  D7 
Magic beside the sea 
Gm       C7   
Magic of WaikÓki 

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