Katy Rose

All Silver Rusts

Katy Rose

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All Silver Rusts

Intro: (Eb Bb G# Fm) 4x 

Verso 1: 
Eb           G# 
  Mine is a slow race 
  I'm losing fast with 
   Cm   Bb    Eb 
no mask on my face 
Say this in a masquerade place 
Eb                  Cm 
  My last dance is alone 
    Bb     Cm 
Love was a waste 
Here with my lace 
Eb    Cm 
  But I am a woman one chased 
Bitter taste of blame 
  Blame me for your own sake 

Eb Bb There's reason behind this C# G# Rewind to the first kiss and wonder lust Eb Bb Look back as we all must C# G# And almost cry out pixie dust Eb Bb As I stance over dreaming C# Of lost days when my G# spirit was robust Eb Bb Back then I was stirring C# But I've learned all G# silver one day rusts
(Eb Bb G# Fm) 2x Verso 2: Eb G# My heart was the music Eb And it's you wreck hum Bb were off beat Eb G# Sado masochistic Eb Storms pounding Cm Bb G# on my like sleet Six feet Eb Beneath the ground Cm can't be beat I sleep Bb/D With the guilt and failure for my sheets and (Refrão) (Eb Bb C# G#) 2x (Verso 1) (Refrão)

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