Katie Melua

Better Than A Dream

Katie Melua

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Better Than A Dream


Eb         Dm               Bb                  Eb     
I used to dream myself to somewhere else each night 

Am           Gm 
I dreamed in colour, 

        Bb                  Ab, Bb 
'cos I lived in black and white. 

Eb        Gm               
Until I chanced upon  

      Cm              Ab 
this road that led to you, 

I couldn't see 

                 Em   Bb 
How anything could be 

Eb, Em Bb .. Better than a dream Gm, Cm Ab Eb Stranger than my wild imagination Em Bb If this is a real sensation, Eb F#, B, Bb it's better than a dream. Eb Em Bb Higher than the moon, Gm, Cm Ab Eb Hazy like a beautiful illusion. Em Bb Crazy and in confusion, Eb Em F# Bb And better than a dream.
Eb Dm Bb Eb I used to wish I was beyond some distant door, Am Gm I knew there must be more Bb Ab, Bb to life and now I'm sure. Eb Gm No dreams of pirate caves, Cm Ab Eb or Indian braves, or magic carpets could Em Bb Ever be this good, Chorus Eb And better than a dream.

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