Katie Melua

All Over The World Chords

Katie Melua

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by brunblazkowski

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All Over The World

Capo on 1st fret



C Bb Fmaj7  

Fmaj7        G  
All over the world 
            Bb            G  C 
People must meet and part 
Bb                   C 
There's someone like me 
Feeling a pain in their heart 

Fmaj7         G 
Some may meet again 
           Bb          G   C 
Under that same bright star 
If maybe some night 
    C         A    F2  
You come back from afar 
Bb           G 
Who cares if tonight 
C            A        Fmaj7  
I don't know where you are 

Fmaj7 G Are you thinking of me now C Fmaj7 Missing having me around Bb G If you have forgotten me A F2 C My world will come tumbling down
Fmaj7 G All over the world Bb G C Others are sad tonight Bb C There's someone like me Fmaj7 Watching the sun's fading light Fmaj7 G All over the sky Bb G C There is the same warm glow G C Here under that star C A F2 I'm wanting you to know Bb G Wherever you are C A Fmaj7 (x2) That I still love you so

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