Kate Gill

Ken And Barbie Female Version

Kate Gill

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Ken And Barbie Female Version



F Her parents always saying "Girl, when you grow up Am you're gonna find a nice man, make sure you're pretty enough. G You'll be living a life like Barbie and Ken. G G G Come on, suck it up, and forget this nonsense."
F But what if it's not Ken, but Barbie? Am Why should she have to say sorry, G Tell me, do you even listen to all the dumb shit you're slipping F We can love who we want to Am so don't say she's not supposed to G If she doesn't love Ken, but Barbie G she doesn't have to say sorry
F No, not to you F Not to me Am Not to anyone, anyone, anyone G Not to you Not to me Not to anyone, anyone, anyone.

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