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Kat Farquharson

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King of majesty, King of splendour 
King of all seen, and all unseen 
A                   E 
Sovereign over all 
King of wonder, King of beauty 
King of justice, King of grace 
You are glorious 

C#m        A         E        B      
All creation bows ' before you 
C#m          A       E             B     
All the angels fall ' at your feet 

F#m        C#m           B    
'Worthy is the Lamb x3 
      A     B     C#m    (E)    
That once was slain� x2 

King eternal, King from Heaven 
King who came down, came to rescue 
You are the serving King 
God Almighty, God exalted 
God who saves us, God who loves 
You are Lord of all 

   C#m                A            
Deserving honour and all glory 
   E          B       
Worthy of praise X4 

Oh you are holy 
Oh you are worthy x4 

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