For You


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For You

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Intro: E Bm C#m Bm D E 

(Verse I)      
If you?re alone I?ll be your shadow 
If you want a hug I?ll be your pillow 
If you need someone to love you 
I will be right here beside you 
And if you?re sad I?ll make you happy 
If you wanna cry just like a baby 
I?ll be here to wipe your tears 
I will take away your fears 

  F#m                      E                       D    
I can be anything that you want me to be 
  F#m           E          G                    E  
?coz I know that it can make you happy 

A E All those smiles I see when you are with me F#m These things will never be broken for there is D you and me A E All those laughs I hear when we are so near F#m This love will never be broken for there is D E You and me
(Verse II) A If you?re down I will lift you up E Crack a joke just to cheer you up F#m If your lips are dry I?ll kiss you D Hug you tight and say I love you A And if you say that you love me too E Then everyday will be for me and you F#m I will keep your heart in mine D Treasure ?til the end of time (Repeat Refrain to Chorus) (Instrumental) (Repeat Chorus)

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