Hang on Now


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by  BURNS46824

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Hang on Now

Year: 1983 -


Bm9                 F#m                   Dmaj7                                     C#m7  
Hang on Girl, Meet My Heart; It knows the best time for new love to start  
Bm9                 F#m                   Dmaj7                                     C#m7  
Hang on Now, Meet My Heart; It Knows the best time for us to start  
Bm9                  F#m           Dmaj7           F#m       Amaj7      Am  
Hang on Girl, Won?t You Remain?  

Tyler?s Notes on Intro/Chorus 
The Intro/Chorus uses chords mostly from Bm (modal).   
One obvious exception is the C#m7 chord that replaces the  
rarely used C#dim chord?borrowing the perfect fifth (Ab)  
from the Classical minor.  The Am we hear before the verse vocal  
initiates a key change to E Minor. 


Principal Key: Am

      C    C/D    Am  
No sooner     than 
      D       D/E            Am 
I turn my back and then  
        C    C/D    Am   
It's so hard to find  
      D      D/E           
I'm on the decline with you.  

Tyler?s Notes on the Verse  
The Verse begins on the 3rd of the scale...C.  We know that this 
section is in A Minor rather than C Major because of the D chord. 


Principal Key: Am  

D             Am            Cmaj7       Em7  
Were I to know your feelings?  
             D              Am                     Cmaj7        Em7     
Is there something between me and you?  
D       Am              Cmaj7       Em7  
Can't pretend you surprise me and  
D            Am         Cmaj7     Em7  
Baby it?s hurting me too  

Tyler?s Notes on the Pre-Chorus  
Again, Beggs taps into the ?more modern? modal minor,  
ignoring the sharp 7 of the key (G#) by using Cmaj7 and Em7 chords.   
Ending the section with an Em7 allows for an easy transition into  
the Bm chord that begins the Chorus.  This section is not 
particularly interesting chord-wise, and stays safely within key.  Still, 
it is perhaps the most beautiful section of the song thanks to Stuart Neale's 
pad voicings on the Jupiter-8 synthesizer (most notably on the Em7 chord on 
the second and fourth time through the progression). 


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