Justin Townes Earle

Burning Pictures

Justin Townes Earle

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Burning Pictures


C                   Fmaj7               C 
How many times now, have you fallen in love? 
         Fmaj7                 C                  G 
Has your heart ever truly been full or just full enough? 
Fmaj7               C                Am               F 
Aren't you tired of telling yourself “One day I'll forget her”? 
           Fm                 G                 C 
Aren't you tired of starting fires and burning pictures? 

C                      Fmaj7               C 
Now the last one that left you swore you'd never forget 
        Fmaj7             C                           G 
Said no matter where she goes in life, she'll be the first in a long line of regrets 
C                  Fmaj7        C 
But I doubt right now you even recall her name 
              Fmaj7                C                     G 
cause that's another girls picture lying in that pile of busted  
picture frames 

Fmaj7             C               Am               F 
and everyone who walks out take a bit more of you with her, 
Fm                     G                C 
You're still starting fires and burning pictures 

Fmaj7                 G 
and you know when is comes down to it 
         C                   Fmaj7 
ain't a damn fool one of us knows what we're doing 
        C           G 
only to hold on and hope 

C             Fmaj7        C 
but hope only hurts if you don't believe 
 Fmaj7                        C                          G 
Sometimes we need to know the difference between what we want and  
want and what we need 

Fmaj7                    C                   Am                 F 
when summer comes you'll have a new love but mark my words come winter 
Fm                 G                 C 
You'll be starting fires and burning pictures 

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