Justin Townes Earle

Black Eyed Suzy

Justin Townes Earle

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Black Eyed Suzy

G                   Em                 
Black Eyed Suzy she works the corner  
    C                    D 
out on the block on which she was raised 
     G                  Em 
and I don't how but she finds some comfort 
     C                        D 
up amongst the rubble and the Queen Ann's Lace 
   C       D                    G      G/F#   Em 
but nobody seemed to notice her beauty wither away 
   C                   D                      G 
oh Black Eyed Suzy girl how much more can you take 

G                        Em                   
we were lovers back when we were younger but 
C               D 
we all know how that can go 
          G                          Em 
it's like one day it's roses and the next it's over and 
C                       D 
nobody asks cause ain't nobody wants to know 
    C                   D        G         G/F#   Em 
as soon as find a place far away from this dirty heap 
   C                     D                          G         
oh Black Eyed Suzy she's still losing ground to the heat 

G Em C D (2x) 

well now some may give into the wind 
                                 D       G 
they'll take a flight just to forget the pain 
ah but Suzy she's dug in too deep 
she knows she's been beat 
but still she stands around and waits 
ah but 

G                          Em 
as soon the season change it will bring the winter wind 
C                  D 
Suzy she'll try to fight it 
G                           Em 
it won't be long before the cold embrace 
     C                     D 
of a long November will decide it 
C            D 
what am I to do 
   G       G/F#   Em 
ah what am I to   say 
       C                          D            G 
I just watched from a distance as Suzy withers away 

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