Justin Townes Earle

A Desolate Angels Blues

Justin Townes Earle

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A Desolate Angels Blues

Oh well tonight when 
I lay me down 
G         C             G   
Oh well lord I'm going home 
G             C 
Back to that river 
C             G     
Back to my brother oh lord 
G      D             G 
I may no longer be alone 

Now in my life I've 
I've had few comforts 
And ones I did I pushed aside 
But now I'm going 
Back home to Jesus oh lord 
Drowning in the river wide 

(Instrumental Break) 

I've had some friends 
Out on this road 
Who have give me a helping hand 
Oh and I know I 
I can't repay them oh lord 
But I know they will understand 

(A cappella) 
So gather round boys 
This here's the last time 
You're gonna see me in one piece 
So put a kiss 
Upon my lips oh boys 
And then send me off to see 

Repeat Verse#1 

I may no longer be alone  


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