Justin Hurwitz

It Happened At Dawn - Guy And Madeline On A Park Bench Chords

Justin Hurwitz

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate


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It Happened At Dawn - Guy And Madeline On A Park Bench

It happened at dawn? Happened in this park 
                                  Dm7   Dm7/A       Dm7     Dm7/A 
A guy and girl had dally till the moon          Was gone 
G7           G7/D             G7              G7/D                  C 
    Then it sprang and up the moment came the sun?s to blame their love 
G6                C    G6    C 
    Happened at dawn 
                G6                C                 G6               Dm7      Dm7/A 
They?d met the night before, the water?s shore, he played his horn across 
     Dm7   Dm7/A    G7 
the park 
               G7/D                G7              G7/D                  C      G6 
And so they strolled and spoke of years of old back when the folks would dance 
        C      G6 
in the dark 

 C               G6                 C                  G6 
   They found a place to sit where all the lamps were lit, 
               C                   Dm7       Dm7/A      Dm7   Dm7/A       G7 
Their fingers grazed hands almost touched,          so long          Then 
          G7/D                G7              G7/D               G7             G7/D 
the sun a-rose and split the mist the guy and girl they stole a kiss it happened at the 
          C     G6    C 
break of dawn. 
          G6     G7/D    G7    G7/D    G7 
Right at dawn 

C     G6     C     G6     C 

             G6                    C                   G6              Dm7     Dm7/A 
She slipped through his hand, she felt like sand, she wondered if her face 
           Dm7      Dm7/A     G7 
was sweet enough 
        G7/D               G7                G7/D            C    G6            C     G6   C 
He dove in, he kissed her with a grin, then wondered if his lips      felt too rough 

          G6            C                G6                C                  G6      Dm7 
Then the sun began its morning when the fountain won they thought it might be time to take 
Dm7/A     Dm7     Dm7/A    G7 
       a chance 
        G7/D        G7        G7/D 
Start a new life 
       Cmaj7     G6          Cmaj7      G6        C 
With a new              ro - mance 

              G6                 Cmaj7               G6                 C                 Dm7 
"Yes all that fades away" that?s what folks like to say but these two kids they knew that lie 
Dm7/A       Dm7    Dm7/A      G7 
       was wrong         When, 
                G7/D             G7                G7/D              G7 
they said their love would stay alive it grew un - til the day they died 
           G7/D              C 
it happened at the break of dawn 

G6        Cmaj7        G7       Cmaj9 

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