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	  		Am              G   
 When I see you smile in the screen 
You're good at everything 
        F       G    
You're just perfect 
Am          G             F 
 Feels like I've never been you 

Am               G 
 Do you even see me? 
Do you know who I am? 
    F     G       Am 
Or how do I look now? 
 G         F 
You don't like me like that 

Am                    G                F 
 Come and tell me so much, beautiful heart 
               F    G  Am 
Oh I'm gonna listen to you 
G   F 

Am                    G 
 All the numbers too big 
Can't get out of your game 
               F      G    Am 
Oh I want to paint it like you 
G   F 

          Am      G    F 
I want to be your decalcomania 
F  G   Am  G  F 
I want you 
          Am      G    F 
I want to be your decalcomania 
F  G  Am 
I want 
G      F 
 I want you 

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