June Christy

We'll Be Together Again Chords

June Christy

Difficulty: EasyEasy


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We'll Be Together Again

(Frankie Laine and Carl Fischer)

E7/13  A    F7  Fdim  E7 
No   tears,     no fears   
    A    A9   A     F#m7         B7 
Remember there's always tomorrow 
   Gm7        C7       F7M 
So what if we have to part 
Bm5-/7       F         E7 
We'll be together again 
E7/13  A    F7  Fdim  E7 
Your kiss,     your smile  
     A     A9 A    F#m7        B7 
Are mem'ies I'll treasure forever 
   Gm7           C7       F7M 
So try thinking with your heart 
Bm5-/7       E7   Em5-/7 A 
We'll be together  again 


      A7           F7        Em5-/7   
Now, there'll be times when  
E7   Fdim Am       Am7+ 
I know you'll be lonesome 
F7    Em5-/7  E7  Fdim        Am 
Times when I know you'll be sad 
F7    Em5-/7   E7  Fdim      Am       Am7+     
Don't let temptation    surround you 
Bm5-/7          F7            E7 
Don't let the blues make you bad 
E7/13  A    F7  Fdim  E7 
Someday,        someway 
     A   A9  A  F#m          B7 
We both have a lifetime before us 
     Gm7       C7       F7M 
For parting is not goodbye 
Bm5-/7     Em5-/7  E7    A 
We'll be together   again 

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