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Jun Utleg

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GUITAR INTRO *Walang akong flute pero heto flute : D C E G E e------------0-||--------------||----------0---||--------------||----------0---||---------------| B--------3-----||--------1-3---||--------3-----||-------0-3----||--------3-----||--------1------| G------0-------||------0-------||------2-------||-----0--------||------0-------||------0--------| D----2---------||----0---------||----3---------||---0----------||----2---------||----2----------| A--3-------3---||--------------||--3-----------||--------------||--3-----------||--3------------| E--------------||--3-----------||--------------||--3-----------||--------------||---------------|
verse 1: C G On a soft green playground by the river bend F G C She was sitting there to meet the morning sun F G C She was playing a flute when the songbirds broke out C G As they listened to her wonderful melody F G C And I was filled with every note shes playing F G C Then I Slowly sat by her side
F C Igorota, girl of my dreams G C Youre the most precious gift that I ever had F C Igorota, queen of my heart G Ill keep on loving you G C Throughout my life
SAME AS INTRO verse 2: C G You are my day, my morning sun F G C Youll forever be my only one F G C She puts the flute then sweetly she smiles C G And she asks me, Why are you staring at me? F G C I held her close and a songbird sang F G C I whispered to her, I love you. REFRAIN OUTRO

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