Julia Nunes

Stay Awake

Julia Nunes

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Stay Awake


Verse 1:
D A G                          D 
    It's like I don't have the patience 
                         A      G 
Or the willpower to separate myself 
          A                        D 
From this inundated era I've been dealt 

And all across the nation 
                        A      G 
Pixelated screens light up the night 
       A                        D 
Of insomniacs and night owls alike 

Bm A But we can turn off the lights; the sun's comin' up G A No dreams tonight to interrupt Bm D A Turn off the alarm before it sounds Bm A G A D Get out of bed without putting your head down, down
Verse 2: D A G D I've been closing my eyes real tight A G But the space between my lids betrays the light A D So I'm up again, I've lost the will to fight The scrolling information A G Pulls me in and holds me in a trance A D Link to link, no I don't stand a chance Chorus Bridge: G D Stay awake with me G D In the darkness you will see Bm A G A D What I've known all along, all along Verse 3 D A G D Baby when you're sleeping A G I wonder if you see me in your dreams A D Do you know exactly what it means Maybe we are falling A G And when I hit the ground I disappear A G (single note) But you open up your eyes and I'm still here Chorus then: Bm A G A D Down, down, down

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