Judas Priest

Run Of The Mill

Judas Priest

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Run Of The Mill

Year: 1974 - Album: Judas Priest Box Set

Em         C    D                Am 
What have you achieved now you're old 
Em                 C       D             Am 
Did you fulfill ambition, do as you were told 
C                         Bm  
Or are you still doing the same this year 
C                         Am 
Should I give sorrow, or turn 'round and sneer 
Em   C          D                       Am 
I know that the prospects weren't all that good 
Em          C                   D                Am 
But they improved, and I'd have thought that you could 
C                                      Bm 
Have strived for that something we all have deep inside 
C                    Am      
Not let it vanish, along with your pride 
Em           C           D            Am 
Now with the aid of your new walking stick 
Em         C               D       Am 
You hobble along through society thick 
C                            Bm 
And look mesmerized by the face of it all 
C                       Am  
You keep to the gutter in case you fall 
Em         C 
I can't go on 
D          Am 
I can't go on 
Em         C 
I can't go on 
D          Am 
I can't go on 
C  Bm C  Am 
I, I, I, I... 
Contribuição: Marcelo Priester([email protected]) 


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