Bully For You


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Bully For You

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Intro E|-------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----------4---4----6h4-6h4-6----------4---4-----6h4-6h4-6---| G|-------------5---------------------------5-------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------------------| A|---3---3-----------3---3---3-----3---3------------3---3---3--| E|-------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro: Eb Fm Gm7 Verse Cm Take name, no you can take a number Cm Wide awake, but I've been dreaming of her Eb (New World) Fm Gm7 (New God) Cm Take my eyes, and black em' out like cameras Cm Take my hands, and treat em' both like hammers Eb (Watch your) Fm Gm7 (Watch Dogs)
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Pre-Chorus Riff E|----3-1---| B|--4-------| G|----------| D|----------| A|----------| E|----------| Chorus Cm Bb G# E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------4-3-3-----------------4-3-3-----------------4-3-3-----------------4-3-3-----------| G|------------------5-5-3h5---------------5-5-3h5---------------5-5-3h5---------------5-5-3h5---| D|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|----3---3-----------------3---3-----------------1---1-----------------1---1-------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4-| E|------------------------------------------| B|----4-3-3-----------------4-3-3-----6-8---| G|----------5-5-3h5---------------5-8-------| D|------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------| E|--4---------------4---4-------------------|
Cm Bully for you baby girl Born into a dying world Bb Run and tell the aliens The Earth looks greener when you squint G# If only she was born a son If only we could take their hands Verse Cm Below our friends, above the vultures Cm Bite my tongue because we're all vulgar Eb (Oh Yeah) Fm Gm7 (Don't Stop) Cm Subtract her voice cause she's her mothers daughter Cm Shaking hands and drinking Arnold Palmers Eb (Except that) Fm Gm7 (She's not) Pre-Chorus Riff
Cm Bully for you baby girl Born into a dying world Bb Run and tell the aliens The Earth looks greener when you squint G# If only she was born a son If only we could take their hands
Bridge Cm Csus2 Gm7 Gm Eb D#sus2 Fm Fsus4 E|----x---x-------x---x-------x---x-------x---x---| B|----4---3-------3---1-------8---6-------9---11--| G|----x---x-------x---x-------x---x-------x---x---| (x2) D|----x---x-------x---x-------x---x-------x---x---| A|----3---3-------1---1-------6---6-------8---8---| E|----------------3---3---------------------------| Cm Csus2 Gm7 Gm She says "Hold me, and tell me what you like about me." Eb D#sus2 You know you really shouldn't tempt me Fm Fsus4 With all the things you hold against me Cm Csus2 Gm7 Gm So stay up, and watch the riot dry erase us Eb D#sus2 I'm tripping over all my spilled guts Fm Fsus4 I'm standing knee deep in the bad blood Outro Cm Bully for you baby girl D7 Born into a dying world Eb Run and tell the next of kin Fm The baby's bedroom's blanket's pink Cm So she'll politely overcome D7 Softly, sweetly talk some sense Eb If only she'd been born a son Fm Maybe she'd still have a head Cm D7 Bully for you while you're young Eb Bully for you while you're young Fm Gm7 Cm Bully for the missing girls.

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