Josh Wilson

Savior, Please

Josh Wilson

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Savior, Please

(Ben Glover, Josh David Wilson)

	  		Intro: C D G 

G/B	 C	  D	   G 
Savior, please take my hand 
G/B       C       D	      Em 
I work so hard, I live so fast 
     G/B    C           D       G 
This life begins, and then it ends 
    G/B        C 
And I do the best that I can, 
      D               Em        D 
but I don't know how long I'll last 

C G I try to be so tough D Em But I'm just not strong enough G/B C D G D I can't do this alone, God I need You to hold on to me C G I try to be good enough D Em But I'm nothing without Your love G/B C D G ( Em D/F# G/B ) Savior, please keep saving me
Verso 2: G/B C D G Savior, please help me stand G/B C D Em I fall so hard, I fade so fast G/B C D G Will You begin right where I end G/B C Em D And be the God of all I am because You're all that I have Ponte: C D G/B C Hallelujah – Everything you are to me Em D G C Hallelujah – Is everything I’ll ever need C D G/B C Hallelujah – And I am learning to believe Em D G C Hallelujah – That I don’t have to prove a thing C D G/B C Hallelujah – Cause you’re the one who’s saving me C D C/E D/F# Hallelujah (Refrão)

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