Josh Groban


Josh Groban

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Am   G/B  C  G/B   Am    G   F 
Hush now, ba -by   don't you cry 

F    G/B  Am     G  Am C/E  F 
Rest your wings, my bu-tter-fly, 

F     G    Am   G/B C   C/E F 
Peace will come to  you in  time, 

    Am G/B  C    C/G  F  G7  C 
And I  will sing this lu-lla-by. 

Am    G/B     C G/B  Am     G  F 
Know, though, I must leave, my child 

F G/B   Am   G    Am C/E F     
I would stay here by your side 

    F  G   Am   G/B C    C/E F 
And if you wake be- fore I'm gone, 

  Am  G/B C    C/G   F  G7  C 
Remem-ber this sweet lu-lla-by. 

    G           F 
And oh, through darkness, 

          Dm C   G/B  C  C/E F  
Don't you e- ver stop be-lie-ving 

     F       C/E 
With love, a-lone 

     Dm    C/E   C    C/E  F    G  Am 
With love you'll find your way, my love. 

    Am    G/B C      G/B Am  G  F 
The world has turned the day to dark 

  F     G/B  Am    G    Am  C/E F 
I leave this night with hea-vy  heart 

     F G  Am   G/B C   C/E  F 
When I re-turn to  dry your eyes 

Am G/B  C    C/G  F  G7  Am 
I  will sing this lu-lla-by 

C  G/B Am G/B  C    C/G  F  G7  Am 
Ye-es, I  will sing this lu-lla-by 

Am  G/B C   C/G F   G7  C 

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